Our manuscript exploring induced superconductivity in a superconductor-ferromagnet bilayer is out. You can view the arXiv pre-print here.

This work was led by Charlotte Bøttcher and Nick Poniatowski in the group of Amir Yacoby at Harvard University, with theoretical support by Andrey Grankin and Victor Galitski. We use a superconducting resonator as a sensitive probe of the superfluid density, so that thermal measurements can reveal nodes in the superconducting structure. We apply this technique to a superconducting-ferromagnet bilayer, and observe that the power-law of the frequency vs. temperature response is substantially different when a magnetic field is applied along or perpendicular to the channel. This unique response is an indication of a two-fold asymmetry in the node structure of the induced superconductor (as expected in a P-wave superconductor).

This measurement is a surprising new finding about magnetic-superconducting bilayers, and a great showcase of the benefits in utilizing superconducting circuits as probes of unconventional superconductivity.

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