Research Interests

QIQM focuses on experiments and devices which combine the benefits of controllable coherent few-body quantum systems (Quantum Information) with the rich physics of novel many-body systems (Quantum Materials). We utilize quantum bits as coherent sensors for condensed-matter phenomena, and utilize quantum materials to create novel hybrid quantum systems.

Hybrid superconducting circuits

Superconducting electromagnetic circuits are macroscopic tunable quantum devices which can exhibit strong interaction while maintaining high coherence. Controlling the resonant modes and their interactions with nonlinear elements gives rise to a variety of new 'artificial atoms'. By integrating various quantum materials into the circuit, we can utilize the circuit as a probe of material properties, with extremely high sensitivity and coherent phase information. Additionally, such hybrid quantum circuits are themselves novel quantum information devices.

Scanning magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy centers

Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers are isolated quantum spins trapped in a diamond. They are of atomic size, have extreme (~1 nT) sensitivity to magnetic field, and operate across a wide temperature range (from milliKelvin to above room temperature). In our group, the NV is integrated into a variable temperature scanning-probe quantum magnetometer which combines high magnetic sensitivity with high spatial resolution. This system can image the magnetic structure of a material, providing local information on the magnetization or current flow pattern.