After almost two years of work, our manuscript on turbulent-dissipative hydrodynamics is out. You can view the arXiv pre-print here.

This theoretical paper is a great collaboration with Vladimir Goy and Maxim Chernodub who performed extensive numerical simulations in this novel regime, accessible only with electron hydrodynamics. The interplay between collective viscous flow and  electron scattering gives rise to rich dynamics where the system will be stabilized in a laminar or turbulent flow regime based on two dimensionless constants. The critical relaxation time separating these two regimes is described by a surprisingly simple power law.

This work gives a simple benchmark to analyze this regime, especially in the context of future experiments. Specifically, microwave oscillations generated by the preturbulent Karman vortices can be a clear indication of electron turbulent flow in a local magnetic probe such as the NV center.


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